If you like my photos, click here….

Shoot me an email at jackinthebox7666@hotmail.com. I’d love to hear what you think.

4 thoughts on “If you like my photos, click here….

  1. I read your whole blog. It is the first blog that I have read. It was very interesting. I enjoy the way you express yourself. I like the picture of you on the bridge. I saved it to show my daughters. This trip you are on is a very good thing – it will give you a different kind of education. I will continue to read your blog. Include more info about yourself. What is your geneology background?

    • Thanks for reading, Joe. There will be more to come.

      My genealogy? That’s a question you don’t hear everyday. My dad’s side is pretty much all Irish with a little French. My mom’s side is German and Polish. As for me, I’m all-American. haha

  2. Love your blog Elly Belle! You are witty, and your analogies are sharp and compelling. I want to read more! How is your digestive system doing? Hi Karl. Aunt Nef

    • Hey Niffer, I’ll update more soon. It’s hard to write while traveling so much and the internet only exists in cities. Come August, it’ll be all finished up so you can hear all about Ecuador and PerĂº.

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